Project Description

Irrigation Systems, Sprinkler Systems, Landscape Irrigation

Enhance your Houston area landscape with a professionally designed and installed sprinkler system. Texas summers can be brutal. Why not give yourself the peace of mind of knowing your landscape investment will continue to thrive under the harsh summer conditions?

Customers have many concerns when it comes to an irrigation system.

First of all, they want to know where they’re installed in the lawn and landscape. They worry about running over a sprinkler head with the lawnmower. They fear tripping over one that’s hidden in the grass. Homeowners also ask:

“Do they ever get stuck in the ‘on’ position?”

“Will the sprinkler heads engage in the middle of the night if there’s a blip with the local electric power company or if lightning strikes”

“Will my water bill raise significantly”.

At Mogonye Land Tech, we listen to our customer’s needs and answer any questions they may have, such as:

“Can you work off my well?”

“Will there be much damage to my property”

“Does my house have enough pressure”

“Can you install a separate water meter so I don’t pay sewage”

Mogonye Land Tech has perfected the process from design to install to maintenance to service to provide customers with an outstanding sprinkler experience. Our irrigation specialists will visit your property for a free consultation to analyze your property and its watering needs. The design consultant will walk the property with you to custom design a sprinkler system is right for your lawn. They will discuss important items such as:

* “What sections of the yard get the most sun”

* “Which plants have struggled due to too much or too little water”

* “How much flexibility do you want with watering different sections of your yard”

* “How have you been watering in the past”.

After a thorough review with the homeowner, Mogonye will design the perfect system for you. Although many homeowners have the same size lot, prices can vary dramatically. Here are the main factors affecting price:

* where we do the plumbing connection,

* how much landscaping you have,

* if can you use our machine to install the water lines,

* how many other things have already been installed underground (outdoor lighting, pool pipes, drainage, etc).

Mogonye Land Tech now offers “Smart control boxes” by Rainbird, Irritrol and Weathermatics which are a simpler version of what golf courses use to manage their irrigation systems. In short, these control boxes communicate daily with weather stations to automatically adjust your water times. Not only is it providing ideal water conditions for your turf and grass but it also will save a homeowner $1000’s of dollars over the years.

Our network of spray heads, rotors and underground piping lines will ensure a healthy lawn and vigorous shrubs and ground cover plantings. With the humidity, heat index and blistering heat we receive from May until early October, homeowners need to safeguard their landscapes.

It’s a simple formula — grass roots and plant roots will not survive our summers and drought conditions if they don’t receive regular watering. Deprive them of the necessary irrigation and you’ll be replacing costly flowering trees and evergreens as well as re-sodding patches of your lawn that have turned brown and died.