Project Description

Drainage Solutions, French Drains, Catch Basins, Drainage Grates and Channel Drains

Do you have a drainage problem? Houston’s Gulf Coast geography and hot (sometimes wet) climate can take its toll on your landscape. Drainage in your landscape is as important as irrigation. Soggy turf is prone to soil compaction and scarring from footprints and mowing equipment. Excess water on your landscape results in numerous plant diseases and can even kill sensitive plants like expensive evergreens.

Additionally, good drainage around buildings helps prevent leaks and moisture intrusion into the foundation and walls.

Whether on a residential, commercial, or golf course site, Mogonye Land Tech’s drainage systems employ a variety of techniques to remove unwanted water. From French Drains to Catch Basins to Channel Drains, we offer a full suite of installed Drainage Solutions to help keep you high and dry!